Carolina Lisi

Nicolás is a professional programmer who always works with responsibility and good will. He is honest about time and budget, he does not promise what he knows that he cannot deliver and that is very valuable. I hope I can continue working with him for a long time.

Candelaria Lieste

Working with Nico is always a pleasure. Great professional, super responsible and judicious. With Tuzza we have tackled many projects together and we always form a great team where we work side by side.

Patricio Bruno

I had to work with Nicolás on several projects and I can say that he is one of the most complete developers I have ever met. And not only with his technical knowledge but also with his predisposition and good vibes: Always generating a good working environment. I 100% recommend working with Nico and I… Continue reading Patricio Bruno

Gonzalo Carabajal

From the first moment we started working with Nicolás, we learned about his human work, excellent predisposition and listening to what we want to obtain in computer tools. The incorporation of him allowed us to work on tools for digital transformation together with his insights based on experience that greatly contributed to saving time for… Continue reading Gonzalo Carabajal

Santiago Rubio

We work on several projects together and I want to highlight your professionalism and commitment to each of them. He always knew how to creatively solve each of the proposed challenges. I recommend it 100%.

Pablo Schonwiesner

With Nico we worked on some projects complementing our skills. It’s nice to be able to work with professionals who understand the product and the customer’s needs as he does. His ability to adapt and ingeniously achieve what the client requires is a great strength. I definitely recommend it as a professional!